New Project: Scala.php

31 03 2015

Exciting news!!

The Scala community has spoken, if we already had Scala.js and Scala.css the next natural process is, of course, Scala.php

With Scala.php you could use your beloved language for creating WordPress plugins, Drupal sites and CodeIgniter/Laravel/Fuel/Phalcon/Symfony projects (do not forget to add Scala.css and Scala.js to the mix, the fun will never end with Scala) and deploy your Scala app on GoDaddy!!!

Not only that, in future versions we’ll migrate our fantastic Scala ecosystem to PHP, the train release will continue with Akka.php, Play2.php, Lift.php, Spray.php, Scalatra.php, Spark.php and Scalaz.php (Do you miss your favourite Scala library? We accept PRs)

But our final goal is to mix those powerful languages in to one. Do you miss php’s variable variables in Scala? Worry not. We plan to add all your adored PHP features in Scala via Macros and compiler plugins.

A new golden age is at hand my brethren, a age of prosperity and peace. Come with us to the promise land of SCALA.PHP!!!!


IntelliJ Community Edition

16 10 2009

IntelliJ Community Edition

Wise Java LOLcat take a SUN bath…

16 07 2009
Wise Java LOLCat take a SUN bath...

Wise Java LOLCat take a SUN bath...