IntelliJ IdeaX: First Impressions

28 08 2010

I’m an absolute fanboy of all JetBrains Products. And now I’ll write mi first impressions on IdeaX, the last (and yet not final) version of IntelliJ.

  • First of all, this is BY FAR the best EAP (Early access program, by definition is more buggy than a beta version) version of IntelliJ, very stable, much more responsive and quick that the 9.0.3 version.
  • The UI have many improvements on Mac OS X, better status bar, very beautiful scroll bars and Open file dialog
  • ActionScript and Flex have a good looking new icons and many improvements on refactoring and intentions like delete unused namespaces declaration on MXML (this works on other *xml files too)
  • The editor now have a ‘soft wrap’ function
  • The database console now use a editor tab for queries, but right now don’t have auto-completion of table and columns names.
  • Support for LESS and SASS
  • Ruby and Python plugin have the same features of the latest RubyMine and PyCharm products
  • Not related to IdeaX itself, but JetBrains is making a good work on plugin development documentation, as plugin developer I’m very happy whit this, and of course, we’ll see a lot of new plugins in the future.

Seems like the JetBrains friends are making a good work with their flagship product, surely this new release will be an EPIC WIN for all IntelliJ Users